PCB Assembly Tools

IIT, Inc. offers a variety of tools to aid in the assembly or your prototype and production builds.

ACE compatible Selective Solder Nozzle

Assembly Pro Fixture

The solution to double sided surface mount assembly you've been waiting for.

A companion to the Desktop® stencil, the AssemblyPro Fixture features a nested area to hold the board and cut outs to accommodate the components that have been placed on the bottom side.

Each AssemblyPro Fixture is custom designed to fit your board. No more cutting cardboard or expensive bills from a contract manufacturer.


IIT is now manufacturing Selective Solder Nozzles

  • Manufactured by IIT and compatible with ACE Selective Soldering Machines
  • Machined from an extremely durable alloy and available in leaded as well as lead free
  • Stock on hand for fast shipment
  • $195.00 each for current stencil customers of IIT

Stencil Life Extending Squeegee Blades

  • Laser cut from a durable alloy that will not damage your stencil
  • Optimum Paste Transferability
  • Save on Freight!!! Ship Squeegee Blades with your stencil order.