Production Stencils

Fiber Laser Cut SMT Stencils delivering the highest quality aperture wall available from a laser cut process


Laser Cut SMT Stencils


Fixed Frame Stencils


All SMT stencils from IIT feature the following:

  • 100% fiber laser cut with gas assist, ensuring the finest quality finish
  • Proprietary Permafid® process creates permanent, non-removable, and non-fading fiducials.
  • Exclusive performance enhancing stencil design modifications, are tailored specifically for each customer..
  • All IIT fixed frame stencils are double bonded to withstand extreme wear.
  • Plates available with Skin Guard® safety features to protect against sharp plate edges.

Traditional fixed frame stencils are an IIT specialty. IIT's standard fixed frame stencils are anything but standard. These permanently bonded stencils utilize an exclusive border treatment that combined with our epoxy process, creates a bond that will not fail, never leaving you, or your plate, hanging. IIT stocks all rigid sizes and has complete frame fabrication capability so you are never left waiting.



IIT's ProFrame®II is a rigid frame designed to hold interchangeable stencils. Stencils are locked in place and ready for use in minutes. Just like our standard fixed frame stencils, ProFrame®II gives you superior registration, precise, reliable on or off contact printing, longer stencil life, consistent repeatability, and improved yields.

Once you are operating with ProFrame®II, your subsequent stencil orders will be filled with ProPlate®II stencils. Since they are shipped without a frame, ProPlate®II stencils are less expensive to produce, ship, and store. Even if your stencil requirements are modest, you could save thousands of dollars each year with the ProFrame®II system.


QTS Wizard 20x20 Frame System

The Wizard Frame System consists of two frames and a stencil. The first frame is a plastic Container Frame which protects against injuries during handling of the stencil's sharp edges. The stencil is firmly held in the molded plastic Contain Frame (available in green for lead free).

The second frame, The Wizard, is a durable, lightweight aluminum stretch frame, designed to mate with the plastic Container Frame. The Wizard frame pneumatically tensions equally on all four sides.